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Update -Water Main Cross Creek Alert


Main break is fixed.  Hydrants in the neighborhood are being flushed.  There will be low water pressure for several hours.  After the hydrants are closed the pressure will return to normal.


How to Flush Your Pipes After a Water Main Break

Once the water main is repaired, flush your pipes to remove dirt and sediment. Run outside cold water faucets for at least 5 to 10 minutes after the water runs clear. Try not to run hot water immediately.  Flush water through outside faucets as much as possible.  On appliances using hot water please run 1 to 2 cycles empty of dishes, clothes and bath/showers after you have flushed outside faucets for 10 minutes.



There is a water main break in Cross Creek.  We will shut down Cross Creek.  No timeframe at the moment.  We will work to isolate the repair to Austin Creek Drive and return service to the other streets.  I will post updates as I receive them.