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Austin Water Billing Error Updated 2-10-20


First thing I want to say is I apologize for the billing error and confusion for this month’s statements.  Originally the February 1 statements went out with a top stub error.  The top stub of the bill does not have the taxes calculated correctly.  The bottom of the statement is the correct amount to pay.  Once we were notified of the error the printing company chose to mail out a postcard indicating the error and where to look on your February statement for the correct total.  Many of our residents noticed the $52.40 charge on the postcard.  It is in fact an example of where to look on your statement for the correct total.  The amount on the postcard has no direct association to your Austin Water account.  Anyone that has paid the top portion without noticing the difference from the bottom of the statement will incur no penalty/late fee.  No penalty will be added to any account paying the top stub portion.  The balance will carry over to next month.  I know this has been frustrating and confusing.  Going forward I will not let this happen again.  The department has added a lot of new services and features in the last year.  Some have worked flawlessly and others not so much.  As with all changes we remain flexible, open and available to your citizen needs.  I will be attaching 2 samples of the previously discussed error for those that wish to see them.