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Water Dept. Pay Online Update


In the last few months, the City of Austin has seen some changes within the water department.  We have experienced some hiccups and alterations to our routines.  I appreciate the patience and feedback that has been shared. I started this project with the goal of bringing new ways to pay your water bill, to bring online access to your accounts and updated water software for the department.  The process began with seeking new software and of course the first question was what does it cost?  Fortunately, the cost did not increase.  We have added online bill pay, auto draft, online account access and new tools to help in billing the customers of Austin Waterworks.  So, what’s the bad news?  Believe it or not, I don’t see any negatives going forward after working through the hiccups.  We have added new ways to pay while keeping the same rates, fees and expectations.  You have multiple ways to pay your bill: check, cash, money order, auto draft and access to pay online with debit/credit cards.  The debit/credit cards option incurs a fee.  Debit/credit option is not the only way to pay.  There is a drop box located at the front of Austin City Hall.  Going forward we will be phasing out the govteller.com payments starting next month with the goal of closing it on November 29, 2019.  As with all things in the City of Austin we work hard to remain flexible and consistent with our goals.  Please feel free to contact me at rmckenzie@austin-ar.com with any questions, suggestions and feedback.  

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